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This website was created by music producer Christian Sutter.

What is the purpose of Rockstars Unite?

The music industry often incorporates multiples of artists on a single sound recording. was created to provide information on feature artists working on music productions with Christian Sutter. This site was made to inspire others to join the music production camp! If you would like to get started working on some music you may contact Sutter on Instagram.

How many albums does the rockstar developer of this website have?

I have two full albums that can be found on Spotify, Pandora, and other streaming radio.

Daddy Kid Powers of Ten on iTunes and GooglePlayMusic. 2018

Find the World’s Best Processor album on Pandora, iTunes, and GooglePlayMusic.

Rockstars UNITE!

If you are interested in working on music with the music producer or collaborating on content reach out on Tiktok or Instagram.

What’s the most popular song by the producer released in 2019?

VSCO Girl song has become the anthem for those trending with the modern VSCO movement. It’s popularity is created by the fanbase sharing and engaging in the content.

“I love producing my own music. I love performing. I’m happy to allow for others to contact me about music! When Rockstars Unite fun things happen!”

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